The Challenge

Climate change will lead to more, larger, humanitarian crises. It may also lead to new types of crisis, for which the global response system is not prepared. And it is likely to lead to social, political and economic changes, which will challenge the ways in which humanitarian and civil protection agencies work. Unless we prepare now, we will not be able to save lives as the crises of climate change hit.

The Response

A Global Alliance

Civil society, humanitarian organizations, civil protection, scientists and the private sector, working together.

Robust Evidence

All of the evidence on the humanitarian consequences of climate change brought together to provide a solid foundation for planning.

Seamless Learning

A language-neutral platform, allowing people to share experience and good practice from crisis responses around the globe.

Real Change

Support to organizations to make the structural and procedual changes required to face up to crises - now and in the (very near) future.

Contact us

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